Russia Concedes to Islamic Pressure

Islamic supremacists around the world maintain a continuous pressure to impose Shari'a law everywhere a crack appears. Recently a crack appeared in Chechnya, and Islamic law forced its way in.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechnya president, knows Moscow wants to keep Islamic rebellions at bay, and their desire is a weakness that can be exploited. So Kadyrov is imposing Shari'a, and Moscow is allowing it, even though it violates the Russian constitution. For example, Kadyrov agrees that the seven victims of honor killings were "loose women" and deserved what they got.

Kadyrov describes women as the property of their husbands and says their main role is to bear children. He encourages men to take more than one wife, even though polygamy is illegal in Russia. Women and girls are now required to wear headscarves in all schools, universities and government offices.

These are all manifestations of Shari'a law. Read the whole story: Islamic Law Allowed In Chechnya.


Christopher Logan March 2, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

Nice site, keep up the good work!!

erika November 4, 2010 at 12:20 PM  

wow I can't believe it in Russia. I mean they have ppl that can kill an ex kgb or whatever he was with radioactive material all the way in Britain and they are afraid to stand up to stinking Muslims.

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Setting Precedents

As Robert Spencer put it: "'s a small accommodation in itself, but it reinforces the precedent that American practices must give way to Muslim ones whenever they clash. Once that precedent is set, it does indeed lead to the Islamization of American society, unless at a certain point non-Muslims are willing to draw the line and say 'Thus far, but no farther. No more accommodation of Muslim demands.' That line will never be drawn, however, as long as Americans continue to fail to see the larger implications and inevitable outcome of these individual incidents."

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