Muslim Ghettos Funded By U.S. Taxpayers

IN PHILADELPHIA, Kenny Gamble, the author of such hit songs as “Love Train” and “Me and Mrs. Jones,” and a convert to Islam, has managed to collect the $1.6 billion through Universal Company, a so-called “charitable organization,” which he formed in 1993. The money has come from federal grants, loans, and “charitable” gifts.

Gamble and his spokesmen say that the non-profit company provides a public service by cleaning up a blighted section of the south Philly, but local residents say Universal used the $1.6 billion to create a Muslim ghetto. The allegation is supported by Gamble, who said to his fellow Muslims: “We are not here for Universal, we are here for Islam.”

The 800 block of South 15th Street now contains an Islamic center and a madrassah, created and sustained by Universal Company. A local says: “You look up and down the street and see men, women and children in traditional Muslim dress everywhere; you see the (Islamic center) right across from Kenny's house and security guards on the corners in kufis (Muslim brimless hats).”

On the website , the directors of Universal Company betray their true intent by saying: “By the Blessing and Mercy of Allah (SWT), the efforts of Universal Companies serve as a national model for what can be done with commitment, compassion, focus and careful planning and execution.”

Gamble is affiliated with the National Ummah Movement which seeks to establish sovereign Islamic enclaves ruled by Shariah law within major cities throughout the U.S.

Read more: ‘Muslims-Only’ Enclave Thrives In Philadelphia.


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