Britain Concedes by Ordering Books Burned

The film below documents the true story of how an American-Israeli author Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld was ordered to destroy all copies of her book in a country where it had never been published — England — after a notoriously litigious Saudi billionaire sued her in a British court. Ehrenfeld's book Funding Evil, Updated: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It, accuses the Saudi billionaire of funding of terrorism. The film is 8 minutes long.


Anonymous September 24, 2008 at 5:49 AM  

Muslims demanding and gaining concessions in the UK all the time. I blog in the UK (well, technically, I suppose I blog wherever people want to read, but you know what I mean), and here we're seeing more and more concessions to Muslims, including sharia courts. OK, they have no more standing in UK law than, say, an arbitration panel sitting under the Arbitration Act of 1996. However, the sorts of "solutions" such a court is going to hand out is not going to be fair to such people as women and gay Muslims, and people will simply be cowed into accepting these "judgments". Couple of posts here and here that will give you an idea (with one or two links). Enjoy!

(Apologies to any who have read a similar post on CW's other site: no harm in spreading the word.)

Citizen Warrior September 24, 2008 at 10:06 AM  

No harm, indeed, Andy. Thank you for contributing.

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Setting Precedents

As Robert Spencer put it: "'s a small accommodation in itself, but it reinforces the precedent that American practices must give way to Muslim ones whenever they clash. Once that precedent is set, it does indeed lead to the Islamization of American society, unless at a certain point non-Muslims are willing to draw the line and say 'Thus far, but no farther. No more accommodation of Muslim demands.' That line will never be drawn, however, as long as Americans continue to fail to see the larger implications and inevitable outcome of these individual incidents."

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