Parliment Concedes After Being Threatened

Here's what happened in Britain: A member of the House of Lords invited Geert Wilders to a private meeting in the Palace of Westminster. "She had intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to a private viewing of his ‘documentary’ Fitna," says Archbishop Cranmer, "followed by discussion and debate in true parliamentary fashion. This is, after all, a liberal democracy, and their lordships enjoy the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association, not to mention certain parliamentary privileges for the protection of their function in the legislature."

But after the House member sent out the invitations, Lord Ahmed "threatened to mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the House," says Cranmer, and he threatened to take her to court.

And here is the shocking capitulation: The showing of Fitna was canceled after this threat! Are these the same British who defeated Hitler? Unbelievable. You would think they would make SURE they had the showing because of the threat. Maybe even try to triple attendance for good measure. But no. They conceded. The threat of Muslim violence within their own country made the leaders of Britain give up without a fight.

Read the whole story: Lord Ahmed Threatens Parliament into Submission.


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Setting Precedents

As Robert Spencer put it: "'s a small accommodation in itself, but it reinforces the precedent that American practices must give way to Muslim ones whenever they clash. Once that precedent is set, it does indeed lead to the Islamization of American society, unless at a certain point non-Muslims are willing to draw the line and say 'Thus far, but no farther. No more accommodation of Muslim demands.' That line will never be drawn, however, as long as Americans continue to fail to see the larger implications and inevitable outcome of these individual incidents."

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