Less Freedom For Muslim Women in Britain

AN INFLUENCIAL group of Muslims in Great Britain have been pushing for concessions to Islam, and getting them, to the detriment of women.

Women’s rights campaigner Yasmin Rehman said: "We Muslims have been a part of the UK for many, many years but the generations before me did not feel the need for or call for segregation in the way that is being demanded now.

"At the beginning of my career as a women’s rights advocate there was no need to apply for a certificate of Khula in divorce cases. Muslim women are now being told that divorces under the English legal system are not valued or recognised without a certificate of Khula – and should they remarry without this they will be committing Zina – a 'crime' punishable by death in many Muslim countries. This is not a view shared by all Islamic scholars but a view that is being pushed through the Islamic councils and tribunals across the UK."

Read more: Hundreds Join London Protest Against Religious Laws.


Penn Will Not Criticize Islam

In an interview with Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), he says something interesting about Islam:

Interviewer: Are there any groups you won't go after?

Penn: We haven't tackled Scientology because Showtime doesn't want us to. Maybe they have deals with individual Scientologists—I'm not sure. And we haven't tackled Islam because we have families.

Interviewer: Meaning, you won’t attack Islam because you’re afraid it’ll attack back.

Penn: Right, and I think the worst thing you can say about a group in a free society is that you’re afraid to talk about it—I can’t think of anything more horrific.

Interviewer: Of course, it might please some Islamic fundamentalists to hear you say that you won’t talk about them because you’re afraid.

Penn: It might, but you have to say what you believe, even it if pleases somebody you disagree with—that issue comes up all the time in moral discourse.

Read the whole interview: A uniquely Weekly ranking of the personalities who define Las Vegas.


Concessions Run Amuck

"PROGRESS COMES from challenges. Challenges demand that you overcome the obstacles holding you back. The Muslim world no longer has challenges. Instead the door has been thrown open for them with no demands or expectations. Islam is not held accountable in the way that other religions are. Muslims are not held accountable for one of the world's largest and longest ongoing killing sprees. Muslim countries are not held accountable for everything from the genocide of millions to barbaric acts of torture and mutilation.

"This is the soft bigotry of low expectations. Nothing is expected from Muslims, which only helps the Islamists make the case that Western civilization is hopelessly decadent and weak, and that imitating it would be a mistake. All the fawning praise directed at the "Religion of Peace" feeds that cycle, reaffirming the Islamists' arrogance and sense of destiny as those they think of as enemies foolishly give way to them. That is the attitude Hitler had as he realized that the nations that seemed overwhelmingly powerful were not going to stop him. It is the same attitude you can easily see among Islamists, whose sense of cultural invulnerability is running at an all time high.

"Build a mosque near Ground Zero, and you prove that the West does not even value the graves of its martyred dead. Set off a bomb in a crowded cafe and snicker as the governments of the dead rush to assure you that they hold no ill will toward the same ideology responsible. Cover your wife from head to toe on pain of death and watch feminist organizations assure the public that it is the feminist thing to do. To Muslims, Western civilization has gone from a bogeyman to a pathetic joke."

The previous is an excerpt written by the Sultan Knish. Read the whole article here: How European Tolerance Islamized Turkey.


Update on PayPal Versus Atlas Shrugs

PAYPAL ORDERED Atlas Shrugs to remove PayPal from her site or it would shut her down. See the story here.

An update on this story is here: PayPal Relents and Apologizes to Pamela Geller.

On Monday, after what Geller says was a storm of protest, PayPal backed down.

Geller said she received a phone call from PayPal early Monday morning informing her it had all been a “misunderstanding.”

“They called me back and said it was a misunderstanding and we’re all good,” Geller said. “They obviously received an overwhelming response.”

Geller decided to drop PayPal anyway and is using a service called Gpal, which does not discriminate as long as what you're doing is legal. Chalk up one victory for freedom.


PayPal Cuts Off Atlas Shrugs

FROM CREEPING SHARIA: PayPal is yet another Sharia-compliant dhimmi of an American company. Exposing and challenging Islam’s violent, supremacist and imperialist nature is considered blasphemous under Islamic Sharia law, and Muslims will not allow U.S. companies to expose their objectives.

The author of Atlas Shrugs, Pamala Geller, wrote: "PayPal is calling Atlas a 'hate' site and will close my account if I do not remove the PayPal option from my website. Accurate reporting and news is hate.

"Truth is the new hate speech."

Read more about this story and what you can do to fight it here: Ebay’s PayPal cuts off anti-jihad sites Atlas Shrugs, SIOA, FDI.

Atlas reader Jon points out that inciters to violence and Jewish genocide, Revolution Muslim, has a PayPal button. (Islam in Action has the videos of their calls to jihad slaughter.)

PayPal also has no problem with the militant Islamist group linked to terrorism and led by the Sheikh Gilani who has been caught on video calling for Muslims to kill Americans in the U.S. PayPal details in this post.

And finally, Muslims in the U.S. have been raising money for terror-run Hamas via PayPal for some time as we pointed out here and here.

Update: PayPal Versus Atlas Shrugs.


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Setting Precedents

As Robert Spencer put it: "...it's a small accommodation in itself, but it reinforces the precedent that American practices must give way to Muslim ones whenever they clash. Once that precedent is set, it does indeed lead to the Islamization of American society, unless at a certain point non-Muslims are willing to draw the line and say 'Thus far, but no farther. No more accommodation of Muslim demands.' That line will never be drawn, however, as long as Americans continue to fail to see the larger implications and inevitable outcome of these individual incidents."

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