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Pat Condell uses three terms in this video you might be unfamiliar with: Halal food, Islamophobia, Shari'a. Click on the words to get definitions. Pat makes several references to Islamic teachings, which you can learn more about here: The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex.

To listen to more of his eloquent rants, check out Pat's website.


Muslim Violence Censors Western Media

In an excellent recent article by Bruce Bawer, author of While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, he wrote about what happened during and shortly after the "cartoon riots." The riots were caused by some cartoons published in a Danish newspaper. The drawing to your right is one of them.

Because Islam forbids the artistic representation of people, and because the cartoon implied that Muslims might be violent, Muslims across Europe rioted violently to protest. When it was all over, 187 people were dead. Over cartoons.

But that's not all that happened. As Bawer writes:

Not a single newspaper in Britain reprinted the cartoons. And both the Swedish and Norwegian governments provided textbook cases of cowering dhimmitude. But none of that was really a surprise. What did surprise, and disappoint, me was the American political and media establishment. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush condemned the Jyllands-Posten cartoons out of hand. The State Department denounced them too, and only reversed itself after getting an earful from the Danish government, one of its few allies in Iraq. In the entire United States of America, exactly one major newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, reprinted the cartoons. And while the major broadcast networks, as well as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, reported extensively on the cartoon riots, none of them ever showed the cartoons at all.

That is outrageous. And pathetic! With that kind of cowering political correctness at work, who needs enemies? This is still America, isn't it? Land of the free? Home of the brave?

Read the whole article: Who's Sleeping More Deeply — Europe or America?


Britain Allows Foreigners To Defend It

In Britain, the Equality Commission says it would be a violation of the Race Relations Act to treat foreigners less favorably than British citizens by limiting how many foreigners can be in the British armed forces.

The British Army wanted no more than 15 percent of their national army made up of non-British soldiers, which in my mind is already way too high.

But multiculturalism may force them to fill their ranks with people who may not feel loyal to Britain. That is multiculturalism-induced insanity. If Jihadis are behind this (staffing the Equality Commission or pressuring them), I wouldn't be surprised. But it is often hard to tell the difference between what hardcore Jihadis are trying to accomplish and what multiculturalists are trying to accomplish. The multiculturalists are so committed to "Why can't we all just get along?" they are perfectly willing to sell our freedom and security to make it happen.

Read the whole story: Multiculturalism Ties the Hands Defenders.


Numerous Simultaneous Concessions to Islam in the United States

The following is a quote from Islamophilia by Marilyn Penn, who sees rampant Islamophilia rather than the alleged rampant Islamophobia:

In the business world, banks, insurance companies and meat packing plants have committed to creating prayer facilities and recognizing Muslim holidays as paid vacation days.

Distinguished universities such as Harvard and Michigan have set aside separate hours for Muslim gym use and installed ritual foot baths respectively.

Columbia University dignified Ahmadinejad by inviting him to address its polity as if his state sponsored terrorism and declared intention to destroy a fellow member of the UN were just innocuous opinions to be honored by our First Amendment.

New York has established the Kahlil Gibran School for Arabic language and culture; it remains unclear how separate this can be from religion in content or pedagogic personnel.

Prisons have been sued to provide services for individual sects of Islam as well as communal rooms for worship. All this while the Arab American community and its religious leadership have remained largely silent in the face of radical jihadist terrorism and threats, domestically and around the world.

Contrast this with the fervent, outspoken protests, boycotts, editorials and media assaults against our own country or its ally, Israel. And compare this with the scrutiny of organizations such as the ACLU in their determination to rid the public sector of any trace of God or organized western religions. Christianity and Judaism are routinely challenged for intruding their religious symbols into school or community space, and as we watch the Ten Commandments jettisoned from courthouse lobbies, we see the increased presence of Islamic symbolism gain its foothold. In New York, the veiled woman has now become a familiar sight in employment and on the urban canvas. Prior to 9/11, the only veiled women one might have seen were in Brooklyn or New Jersey, areas with large Muslim populations. Today, the ticket seller at a popular art theater in Manhattan wears a headscarf, as does the receptionist at my local gym — both unexpected venues for religious Muslims.

While Random House pre-emptively withdraws publication of a romantic novel that might be offensive to Muslims, and newspapers cravenly refuse to print the cartoons that satirized Mohammed, our museums and media delight in featuring anti-Christian and anti-Jewish dogma whenever they choose.

Feminist and gay lobbies have tackled the orthodoxy of western religions but refrained from attacking the homophobic and sexist foundations of Islam, keeping a safe distance from the repercussions of jihadists.

Civil Rights groups demand reparations for slavery in America while doing nothing to protest the current ongoing Muslim enslavement of blacks in Africa.

Read the whole article: Islamophilia.


YouTube Accomodates Islam

The outspoken English videopundit Pat Condell (official web site here) has had his latest video blocked by YouTube. You can watch it by following the link below.

The most urgent message in his video is this: If you live in Britain please sign this petition against the creeping poison of Shari'a law.

Apparently YouTube, who has had some challenges with Turkey and Pakistan, have decided that it is easier to block "problematic" content themselves than standing up for freedom and have Pakistani Internet operators wreck havoc on them.

Read the rest of the story and the banned video here: YouTube Censors Pat Condell's Video (after watching the video, click on "more" to see the next one too).


Public Pools Close For Muslim Women

The Canadian writer, Mischa Popoff, wrote an article about a new television program in Canada called Little Mosque on the Prairie, which mentioned (among other things) a few of the concessions Muslims have pressured out of Canadian kafirs recently. He wrote:

"A recent Canadian Press story exposed the 'plight' of a modern Muslim woman who couldn’t find a suitable hair salon in Toronto that would prevent men from casting their eyes upon her exposed face. And public pools across this country now provide private swim times to Muslim women so they can avoid the 'shame' of being seen by men."

As the influential Greek poet, Hesiod, said, "If you add a little to a little and do this often, soon the little will become great."

Read more: Little 'Misleading' Mosque on the Prairie.


The United Nations Allows Repression of Legitimate Argument

As I've said earlier, several Islamic countries have banned together to try to get "defamation of religion" banned throughout the world, obviously aimed at preventing criticism of Islam. As one of the speakers tries to make the point that the countries who are presenting the proposal are some of the worst defamers of religion (defaming Christianity and Judaism), and that their proposal is clearly biased in favor of Islam, that the proposal should be rejected.

The representative from Egypt interrupts and says, basically, it's part of Islamic doctrine to defame other religions, and since this discussion is not about theology, then whether or not Islamic countries defame other religions is not a legitimate subject for conversation at this meeting.

The objection is upheld. Check it out:


Shari'a Court in Scotland

From "Shari'a courts, which have been operational in England for more than a year now, will soon be set up in Scottish cities, like Edinburgh and Glasgow. Secret talks are said to be underway to bring these courts to the neighbouring country.

"The move is being opposed by several quarters of the Scottish society. Attempts to set up Shari'a courts in Canada in 2005 were abandoned after protests.

"Qamar Bhatti, director of the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (MAT), which runs the courts, admitted secret discussions were taking place with lawyers and Muslim community groups in Scotland."

Read the rest of the story: Plans to Set Up Shari'a In Scotland.


Concessions All Over Europe

This is from a speech by Geert Wilders, chairman of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands:

In some elementary schools in Amsterdam the farm can no longer be mentioned, because that would also mean mentioning the pig, and that would be an insult to Muslims. Many state schools in Belgium and Denmark only serve halal food to all pupils. In once-tolerant Amsterdam gays are beaten up almost exclusively by Muslims. Non-Muslim women routinely hear “whore, whore”. Satellite dishes are not pointed to local TV stations, but to stations in the country of origin.

In France school teachers are advised to avoid authors deemed offensive to Muslims, including Voltaire and Diderot; the same is increasingly true of Darwin. The history of the Holocaust can in many cases no longer be taught because of Muslim sensitivity. In England, Shari'a courts are now officially part of the British legal system. Many neighborhoods in France are no-go areas for women without head scarves. Last week a man almost died after being beaten up by Muslims in Brussels, because he was drinking during the Ramadan. Jews are fleeing France in record numbers, on the run for the worst wave of anti-Semitism since World War II (Muslims follow their Prophet in an extreme hatred of Jews, see comments to this article).
Read his speech: America As The Last Man Standing.


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Setting Precedents

As Robert Spencer put it: "'s a small accommodation in itself, but it reinforces the precedent that American practices must give way to Muslim ones whenever they clash. Once that precedent is set, it does indeed lead to the Islamization of American society, unless at a certain point non-Muslims are willing to draw the line and say 'Thus far, but no farther. No more accommodation of Muslim demands.' That line will never be drawn, however, as long as Americans continue to fail to see the larger implications and inevitable outcome of these individual incidents."

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